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If Mother Nature knocks over a tree in your yard, do you have insurance coverage?

Hurricane season has started. Although we at Schatz Insurance are in the midwest, this time of year still has us thinking about storms, safety, damages, and cleanup. The safety of you and your family is most important, but after that, ideally you want your belongings to be safe as well. If something is damaged, proper insurance is key to getting the mess cleaned up, repaired, and/or replaced as quickly as possible. A return to normalcy feels great after a stressful event like a property damaging storm. 

It’s important to know what your insurance does and does not cover. If you have questions you should reach out and contact your agent. Sometimes deciphering your declaration pages for your coverage can be tricky. Luckily agents and customer service reps like Pat, Dan, Jessie, and Shaleen at Schatz Insurance are trained to be able to explain your coverage and help you through any situation!

Check out this blog post from Scott Stueber @ West Bend about tree damage after a storm.