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Important New Homeowners Coverage Announcement


Schatz Insurance is happy to let you, our valued customers, know about an important new coverage being offered through several of our great insurance companies.

You may not realize it, but as a homeowner, underground service lines and utility lines on your property are usually your responsibility. Homeowners insurance policies typically don’t cover damage to them – but Schatz Insurance now offers this often-overlooked coverage. Damage to your property from Underground Service line failure can easily cost thousands of dollars. Protect your home and your family with Underground Service Line Coverage.

Underground Service Line Coverage will cover losses that may arise from an underground service line failure. An underground service line failure is a break, leak, rupture, tear, collapse, or arcing of underground piping and wiring.

Coverage includes

  • Cost to repair or replace the physical damage to the underground service line. This includes the piping, wiring, permanent connections, valves, or attached devices.
  • Necessary and reasonable excavation costs required to repair or replace the covered service line.
  • Trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, walkways, and driveways that are damaged as a result of the underground service line failure.
  • Reasonable cost to make the temporary repairs and expedite permanent repairs or replacement.
  • Additional Living Expenses defined in your policy.

For less than $50 a year, we can add this very important coverage to your Homeowner’s Policy. All you have to do is contact us today at This great coverage can be added mid term or at renewal through West Bend, Guard, and Safeco.

Thank You!