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School’s in Session!

By August 20, 2012Uncategorized

School is back in session for most people around the country this week!  I cannot believe how quickly the summer flew by!  The weather seems to be getting cooler and the morning and late afternoon traffic are much heavier now! 

As I drive past highschoolers I see them driving and of course it takes my back to my highschool days of finally being able to drive to and from school- no more school bus :)  Those were fun times, and luckily my teenage driving years were pretty un-eventful, with the exception of one accident.  Coming down a hill, my lane of traffic was blocked by a school bus and a car tried to cut across, slamming into my vehicle.  Everyone was ok, but the car was totaled.  Not only was I happy I was in a very safe vehicle, I was happy to have great auto insurance that was understanding and helpful during the claims process. 

I think that often we look for the cheapest price on auto insurance, and until something terrible happens, we don’t realize why it’s imporatnt to make sure we have enough coverage.  If you want to update your policy, or just check with us on your current limits, call us and we’ll help you understand your current coverage as well as make any changes you may need!