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Tips For Hosting And Enjoying Thanksgiving

By November 24, 2014Uncategorized

turkeyThanksgiving is an American holiday that dates back to 1621. During that year, the pilgrims experienced many difficulties; however, after a successful harvest, they celebrated by giving thanks for what they received.

For my family, Thanksgiving is a time for catching up, enjoying great food, and watching football. Maybe an occasional afternoon nap. While I’ve never hosted Thanksgiving, I know preparations can be a bit overwhelming.

So if you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, here are some resources to help you prepare and take the stress out of the holiday. If you’re not hosting, make sure you give thanks and show appreciation to your host.

21 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving

10 Tricks to a Trouble–Free Thanksgiving

Easy Thanksgiving Do-Ahead Tips

How to Cook Turkey

Turkey Cooking Time Guide

Additional Resource

Ten driving tips to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday

I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


Source: West Bend Cares Blog