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Fall Tornadoes

By December 7, 2013Uncategorized

Fall Tornadoes: Is this normal?


During the last few years tornadoes have occurred in the Midwest in November and even some in January. The most recent tornado in Illinois is just another example of how Mother Nature can negatively impact our lives. Our thoughts are with those who were impacted by the November 17 tornados.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering why tornadoes are occurring during this time of year. Isn’t tornado season over? Is it due to climate change? What’s going on?

According to The Weather Channel, tornado season usually begins in March and runs through the summer months with May being the peak month. It’s not unusual, however, for tornadoes to form during the fall months. In fact, October and November comprise the second half of the tornado season. To learn more about what causes tornadoes in the fall, click on The Weather Channel’s article titled “Tornadoes in October, November: Fall Considered Second Severe Season”.

Also in researching this blog, I found an informative article called, “Your roof and your home insurance.” This article explains the different roof types and why insurance companies consider your roof such an important part of your house.

Lastly, earlier this year I wrote two blogs. The first one is titled, “Technology that can protect you and your family from severe weather.”  The second is titled, “Tornado safety tips before, during, and after the storm.”

Please review the information and share it with your friends and family. Tornadoes can form anytime during the year if conditions are right. Material things can be replaced but your loved ones can’t. Have a plan in place so you’re prepared if a natural disaster strikes.


Posted by Scott Stueber on Tue, Dec 03, 2013